in which there are lots of characters

this is a questionable but nifty blog where i will post original art and prose, and whatever material i find too inspiring to pass up. it's gonna be pretty legit.

here is a brief storyboard for a scene from a fanfic i’m writing, Sanctuary For Martyrs. it was quite enjoyable and i’m really happy with the end result. (:


Samantha and Deanna Winchester over the seasons. ten years can change a girl.

this took about 900 re-colors and two E001 copics to complete because i am absolutely rubbish at skin, but i’m very proud of it. :>

i think i posted this as part of a photo set, but here it is separately
idk if i already posted this? church notes. (:
also drew this! church notes.
painted these suckers
retouched a piece from ‘11
also i designed a tattoo for a buddy what up
so i drew Elsa and Anna redesigned sort of?? just thought i’d add some variety to their faces/bodies.

so i finally finished this sucker after ages of leaving it to sit there \o/

the s4/s8 Sam parallels will be the death of me okay

Samantha (shut up, Sam is a chubby 12-year-old) and Deanna, circa The Trials and The Mark of Cain



sam winchester would be so blown away by our support of him that he wouldn’t even be able to talk about it for a minute, okay

he’d be so grateful and so touched

and we’d all scramble for some kleenex from our purse just in case he needed it but he probably wouldn’t omg

oh gosh imagine Sam stumbling across some fan forum for the Supernatural Books, seeing it’s full of “Sam girls” and thinking, “Oh God, more Beckies. Why does the universe do this to me?”

and then he looks closer and


"Okay, here are 62 reasons why Sam Winchester is a better person than you, categorized according to importance–”


"Alright everybody, let’s all sit down and talk about every time Sam has done the right thing when all the odds were against him–”

i’ve never

"Can we all just pool our money and get Sam a dog and a vacation, or–?"

no, i don’t deserve

"Hey guys, remember all those times Sam apologized for things that weren’t his fault or was the first one to forgive people’s terrible transgressions against him even when they refused to admit they’d done anything wrong?"

it’s not like that

"The Apocalypse Was Not Sam Winchester’s Fault, And Everyone Needs to Stop Blaming Him For It: An Essay."

no. no, that isn’t true

"The boy who once had demon blood is now the man with blood pure enough to heal demons. Just think about that for a moment."

and he can’t.

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fem!Sam Winchester and Charlie Bradbury, ‘cause just yes.
despite the fact that actual Sam is very stream-lined and narrow-built, i’ve always liked the idea of a curvy fem!Sam, because her body would be sort of hyper-feminine in the same way that it’s normally hyper-masculine. i may experiment with a different-bodied fem!Sam later. female bodies are just the most wonderfully diverse thing o k
Sam the boy king and Dean the lion heart!!